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Wild northern nature, crisp clean air, and vast spaces with few people. Forests full of sub-arctic berries with roaming moose, wolf and bear interspersed with meadows of wildflowers. This is the environment is where our bees live and this pure nordic nature is reflected in the premium quality honey they make for you.

The sun hardly sets during the short northern summer. Nature explodes with flowers for a short, beautiful period of  just a few weeks, during which the bees work around the clock to gather their sweet treasure, before once again the northern winter comes around and the bees huddle up in their hive until the next spring.

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Nature’s Gold is exactly what we put into a jar for you: The purest most delicious and smoothest honey the clean nordic nature has to offer.


Exclusively Virgin Wax Comb


The best quality raw honey comes from freshly built, virgin wax comb. The wild nature and clean fresh air of the great North are reflected in the purity and the taste of the honey our bees produce. 

To preserve this purity and guarantee the finest, most delicious taste, we use exclusively fresh virgin wax comb in our beehives. This truly sets Luonnon KULTA Virgin Honey apart.

Building virgin wax costs the bees a lot of effort and it takes a lot of nectar. This means we get less honey, but virgin wax comb guarantees the purest quality and best tasting honey.

Fresh wax also makes for happy and healthy bees.



The nectar that our nordic flowers produce naturally crystallizes. Our experience and attention to detail allows us to carefully control the crystallization process to produce this extra-smooth honey for you. 

Enjoy the creamy buttery texture, as the flavours of the North melt in your mouth


Terroir of local honey

Artisanal honey from a single regional location has natural character, similar to terroir in wine. Like wine, the vintages of location-specific honey vary from season to season, depending on the weather conditions during the blooming of the different honey-giving flowers. This gives artisanal, local honey its colour and flavour characteristics that not only reflect the local environment, but also the yearly changing weather conditions. 

Always different, always interesting, 

always delicious raw honey.

Luonnon KULTA Virgin Honey reflects its own terroir as the local flora and environmental conditions in its unique taste with notes of northern berries, pine forest, fireweed and heather.

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Luonnon KULTA Virgin Honey is, of course, also Raw Honey because we do not heat our honey in the process of extracting and packaging it. Heating destroys the beneficial enzymes vitamins and amino-acids that make raw honey such a healthy treat.




Our honey is of course made from 100% nectar gathered by the bees from flowers in nature. There is no sugar syrup added or fed to the bees. In fact, in Finland honey is required  by law to be a pure natural product made by honeybees from nectar and/or honeydew.

We have Luonnon KULTA Virgin Honey tested in an internationally renowned laboratory to guarantee that our honey meets our very high standard.

The independent laboratory tests have proven our honey to be free from GMOs and pesticides.

The quality parameters of our raw honey are also outstanding.  The exceptionally low HMF* value of 4.6 mg/kg shows that our honey has not been heated and the beneficial enzymes contained in Luonnon KULTA Virgin Honey are in healthy condition.

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No Pesticides, 


No Antibiotics, 

No Pharmaceuticals 


The independent laboratory tests have proven our honey to be free from GMOs and free from over 700 pesticides that were tested.

Our honey has also been tested by the Finnish Food Authority for residues of antibiotics, pharmaceuticals and miticides, and was found to be free of any residue. This came as no surprise, because we do not use antibiotics or synthetic miticides in our apiary. 

This purity is also due to our method of using freshly built wax comb, because we avoid potential contamination from old wax.



Luonnon KULTA Virgin Honey is made by Dr. Claude Flener. The former environmental scientist left the academic word behind to become a master beekeeper. He loves looking after his bees in a bee-friendly manner he has a passion for making the best quality honey.

A native of Luxembourg, Claude was attracted to the wild open spaces of northern Europe and has made Finland his home more than twenty years ago. The clean air, wild nature and lack of traffic and crowds is what drew him here. Now he wants to share this clean nordic nature with you in the form of a gourmet food product: raw nordic honey from virgin wax comb.

















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The ultimate quality of our virgin raw honey results from careful management and attention to detail. Many contaminants in beehives are put there by the beekeepers themselves, so even the cleanest environment does not help, if the beekeeper is not careful in his methods.




As a trained scientist, Dr. Flener applies his meticulous scientific mindset and careful attention to detail to his apiary management and honey production. 

This attention to detail starts from the all natural wooden hive materials, to the clean natural wood chips and birch conk he burns in his smoker, to the fresh virgin wax, avoiding plastics in the honey extraction process, all the way to the high-end materials chosen for packaging.